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Yes, Sleepy Hollow's Shocking Season 3 Death Is the Real Deal: Series Star Is Leaving for Good

Sleepy Hollow, Tom Mison, Nicole Behari

Sleepy Hollow, Tom Mison, Nicole BehariTina Rowden/FOX

It was NOT a good week for some of TV’s most fearsome females. In Friday’s season three finale of Sleepy Hollow, we saw Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) meet her tragic end—and the star and studio confirmed that it’s the real deal. As in there’s no supernatural way she’ll return should the show return for a fourth season.

“The finale featuring the tragic death of Abbie Mills was a very dramatic ending and a bold move for the show, Sleepy Hollow has always been known for its shocking finales,” the studio, network and producers said in a statement. “We feel we provided a wonderfully poignant conclusion for Abbie and showed some of the best moments between the Witnesses that we’ve seen on-screen. We thank Nicole Beharie for bringing Abbie and Sleepy Hollow to life. We are currently discussing season four, and should the series be picked up for another season, we have some exciting scenarios and new avenues we want to explore.”

The actress released a statement to TVLine praising her coworkers for their hard work over the years. “I’m rooting for my co-stars and crew… they have been my inspiration, my teachers, family, my friends, over the last few seasons,” she said. “I want to thank the fantastic producers, writers, and directors who have worked tirelessly to bring this show to life. I want to thank Fox for their faith and support. But, most of all, [I want to thank the] Sleepyheads for all of your love-what an honor. I will never be the same. Stay tuned.”

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