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The Real Housewives of New York City Got Self-Aware While Tackling Getting the Runs and Vagina Shapes

Finally, every cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City was under the same room. But it didn’t take long for the roof to get blown off the place (the place being Lady Gaga‘s family’s restaurant). The fireworks happened when Luann de Lesseps confronted Ramona Singer about what Ramona and the other ladies were saying regarding Luann’s behavior being very early Housewives, i.e., very “Can I order two large pizzas? For the Countess.” Dorinda Medley stirred that pot up real good.

Anyway, Luann couldn’t understand why the ladies aren’t happy she’s happy with her new man that was friends with benefits with Sonja Morgan for 10 years. So she left, but not before calling Ramona on her “bulls—t.” And it was then when Ramona said quite possibly the most self-aware thing ever: “I don’t bulls–t, it’s one thing I don’t do…I wish I knew how to bulls–t. I’d probably get further in life if I could zip my mouth and learn to be politically correct and socially correct.”


The rest of the episode was filled with various ladies meeting up for various events: chocolate launches, French brunch, tea, doctor’s appointments, etc. Since this is The Real Housewives of New York City season 8, there was also plenty of talk about vaginas. Did you know Bethenny Frankel‘s and Jules Wainstein‘s combine to be the eighth Housewife of New York?

“It still looks like a big ball sack. My vagina definitely doesn’t match my personality. I don’t identify with her at all. Is my vagina going to go back to the perfect pistachio,” Jules regarding whatever accident she had.

Sorry for the images. Blame Jules.

The dinner drama continues next week. In the meantime, please enjoy these other out of context quotes from the Housewives of the Big Apple:

“No, coffee just gives me the runs so I have to drink tea.” – Ramona.

“The diaphragm was the best thing ever. I used it for 30 years.” – Ramona.

“Did you get the brassiere out of the drawer with the diaphragm?” – Bethenny.

“I don’t like my nipples to show. I have very big nipples. I don’t think it’s proper to show my nipples.” – Ramona.

“I don’t like the teabagging.” – Sonja.

“I’m more of a zookeeper than a hostess.” – Dorinda.

“Listen, you got to ease in, just the tip.” –Bethenny.

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