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Is Idris Elba in Loni Love's Future? Recap the Latest Episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry With These 7 Must-See Moments

Hollywood Medium 106

Hollywood Medium 106E!

Tyler Henry continues to provide comfort for his celebrity clients.

On Sunday’s Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the clairvoyant meets with Matthew, Joey and Andy Lawrence for a reading in which he connects them with family members and gives them important information about their health.

Later, he meets with I Am Cait star Candis Cayne, who connects with her grandmother and learns her grandfather is accepting of her transition. And finally, Tyler helps comedian Loni Love find closure with her loved ones and reveals there is definitely romance in her future.

Recap the latest episode with these seven must-see moments!

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Hollywood Medium 106E!

1. Tyler tells Matthew Lawrence he has a susceptibility to heart disease: When the Lawrence brothers’ uncle comes through during the reading with a health message, Matthew puts the pieces together about what it means. “My dad has told me that I resemble one of his uncles and I think it was uncle Vince,” he says. “He’s always been a little worried about me because uncle Vince passed away all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere from a heart attack and it was pretty early. My dad has always told me to be very cautious. He thinks my body type is exactly like his.”

“That’s the weirdest thing that you say,” Tyler responds. “On the car ride here, I said the man who was coming through with the heart issue was warning the living client that I would meet with about heart disease in his future.” Tyler reassures Matt that he doesn’t have anything to worry about just yet. “[It’s] definitely good to keep it in mind,” Tyler tells him. “I don’t see you going anywhere. I see your health being fine, but definitely keep in mind your heart.”

2. Matthew Lawrence asks Tyler about his personal life: “Personally, I’m 36 trying to figure out that next step in my life,” the actor explains. “I’ve been with the same girl for four years, so where does that lead?”

Tyler starts to scribble on his notepad and then reveals, “This is interesting. I’m referencing to a residence change.” The three brothers all immediately start freaking out and laughing hysterically. “That’s enough. I know exactly what that means,” Matt admits. “Wow! I’m going to keep that to myself if that’s alright, but you are 100 percent dead on!”

Hollywood Medium 106E!

3. Matthew Lawrence receives closure after his grandmother’s death: As Tyler is connecting with the Lawrence brothers’ grandma, he tells them, “She’s referencing to the fact that there was geographical distance and it didn’t require anyone being there for her to actually be okay to pass. She acknowledges that there was not the need to be there. That’s really significant.” 

The revelation helps to ease Matt’s guilt over not visiting her in the hospital to say goodbye. “This is unbelievable because I was the only one who did not get to go,” he shares. “Every day that’s something I struggle with, so that’s great to hear that she isn’t because that’s really the most important thing. I’ve honestly been holding on to that for a solid eight years now.”

4. Tyler is “starstruck” meeting Candis Cayne: “This is one of the few instances where I actually recognize someone I’m about to read,” Tyler gushes when he sits down with the actress and transgender activist. “This is amazing!”

“For me, Candis Cayne represents a whole movement—a transgender movement—and equality for everyone,” he says. “To be able to meet the embodiment of everything I love is just incredible. I’m in complete shock.”

Hollywood Medium 106E!

5. Candis Cayne learns she could find a boyfriend in 2016: “You’ll ultimately have an opportunity to be in a relationship with a man that would have darker skin,” Tyler reveals. “I don’t know if he’s Honduran or a Costa Rican man.” He also adds, “There is a heavy emphasis on a ‘J’ reference and that would be a potential partner.” Oooh!

Candis is excited about the prospect of a new relationship with one condition. “I’m open to love, but I’m not going to settle,” she says. “So come on, Joe, Jack, Jorge, Jesus. Bring it on!”

6. Candis Cayne connects with her grandmother Mary: “My mother told her about my transition and she made a point to tell the rest of the family, ‘We have a granddaughter now and if anybody has a problem with it you have to come and see me,'” Candis remembers. “She was always on my side.”

Tyler confesses this fits into the information he was feeling earlier in the day. “Before I came in here, I had a grandmother figure coming through who made it a point to acknowledge that she was proud of her granddaughter,” he tells her. “What I didn’t get was why she was emphasizing ‘granddaughter’ over and over again. It makes obvious sense now that I meet you. That was her way of acknowledging her pride for you.”

Candis is so touched when she learns how proud her grandmother is. “When she said that she was proud of her granddaughter and kept on saying granddaughter, that is so incredible,” she says. “This meant so much to me.”

Hollywood Medium 106E!

7. Loni Love is curious to find out if a certain actor is in her romantic future: “Are you sensing anything in the love section? The love life?” she asks Tyler. “Do you see Idris Elba anywhere?!”

Tyler laughs and replies, “I see Denzel Washington.” Loni obviously starts to freak out before he continues, “Well, we’ll try to find our Denzel. We’ll see what comes through.”

Tyler scribbles a little and then tells her there is a special someone in her future. “I just got a reference to a Lawrence or a Larry, so this is good to keep in mind,” he says. “As far as relationships go, I don’t see you single ultimately. I don’t see you alone ultimately. I do see you in a relationship ultimately, but right now is more so about career and that’s not a bad thing.” Ka-ching!

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