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Earl 'The Pearl' Monroe Sues, Hoops League Screwed Me Big Time

Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe SuesHoops League Screwed Me Big Time

11/3/2017 4:17 PM PDT


Ex-NBA stars Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and Henry Bibby claim they got “conned” into joining a new basketball league … only to get screwed out of thousands of dollars. 

Both guys are suing the Champions League — a 5-on-5 full court league comprised mainly of retired NBA players and coaches. 

Monroe and Bibby claim they were promised serious cash to join — but the money never came.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Monroe accepted a job as Sr. VP and GM of the Gotham Ballers — and was supposed to get $ 110k … but he only got $ 30k instead.

Bibby says he was supposed to get $ 60k for coaching the Phoenix Desert Cats — but never got a cent. 

The guys say they were offered stock to make up for the cash — but they think the whole league is a Ponzi scheme and want their cash, asap. 

Monroe and Bibby want their money — plus hundreds of thousands in additional damages. 

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